Show Gardens / Tattershall Castle - Lincolnshire


The 15th century Tattershall Castle's once skeletal remains formed a ‘picturesque’ landmark, overgrown with vegetation and surrounded by cattle and hayricks.  As an anti – classical ruin, Tattershall would have been one stop on the 18th-century scenic pleasure tour and visitors may well have used visual apparatus such as the camera obscura to help ‘capture’ the scene of the castle and to fix it as a pictorial trophy. 

This summer long installation drew inspiration from this period of abandonment and artistic discovery, celebrating nature’s once rich and beautiful encroachment. The pictorial reality offered by the camera obscuras encouraged sustained viewing.

The ruin’s abundant composition of plants - entangled rose, buddleja, perennials and grasses - were similar in character to those growing ‘wild’ in our everyday landscape, alongside hedgerows, roads and field fringes.