Public / Cadogan Cafe - Central London


Cadogan Café for Kings Road, London was a collaboration with Pernilla Ohrstedt Studio, a London-based architecture and design practice. This project was in a shortlist of five from three hundred competition entries submitted to the Cadogan Estate.

Conceived as a simple glass cloche capturing a piece of the Duke of York Square, the Café’s concave roof was designed to rest effortlessly over a landscape of tall grasses and evergreen restio's. These planted verticals visually intertwine forty slender, structural columns.

Inside the cafe a community of Maytenus boaria trees take central stage creating a completely immersive, green environment. These South American trees have a delicate, evergreen canopy of fresh willow-like leaves that softly filter sunlight. Dynamic glazing made up of narrow pivoting panels allows the Cafe to turn inside-out, opening the Café’s seating up to the square during the summer months.