Private / Private Garden - London


It’s always exciting to work with architectural design that privileges landscape. This unique piece of contemporary architecture, designed by 6a Architects responds to the specifics of the site and engages in a close conversation with its exterior.  Each interior room looks onto at least one of six external courtyards. Each garden is distinct; with plantings suited to the micro conditions, quality of light and surrounding architectural detailing and proportions. Along the northern boundary a garden room is covered with a glass roof to form a greenhouse for tender plants. In a more private space, the open branching form of a mature Koelreuteria tree takes centre stage. The kitchen garden (pictured) extends the intricate detailing of the internal tiled floor outside, breaking up the uniformity of the tiled pavers to create a checkerboard pattern amongst carpeting thyme.

None of the gardens are ‘tidy’; seasonal textures, highlights and ‘dieback’ will be embraced; evergreen restio’s, grasses and ferns will form backdrops to ephemeral bulbs; within the sunny ‘kitchen garden’ the seed heads of Achillea, Agastache and Origanum will stand through the winter months; Violas, welsh poppies and Lunaria will be encouraged to self sow along hardcore pathways.

Trees will be celebrated; their magnetic presence and varied, often unexpected forms will create screens, shadows and canopies that will contrast in shape and form to the strong lines of architecture.

Site footprint approximately 713 sqm.